About Magda

Magda Weideman is the sole proprietor of Polygraph Vetting Services that was established during 2013. She was employed at the Department of Justice from 1992 until 2005.

Magda was appointed as the Office Manager at the Office for the Control of Interception and Monitoring of Communications. The Office was by law mandated and responsible for the investigation of serious crime and she was responsible to, in conjunction with the respective law enforcement agencies (i.e. the South African Police Service, the National Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Special Operations and the South African Secret Service) deal with applications submitted to the office in respect of the investigation of such crimes.

During 2005 Magda established her own business in the hospitality industry. As a result of her previous experience, corporate clients approached her to be of assistance in respect of pre-employment vetting/lie detection through polygraph examination as well as polygraph examination in respect of specific crime incidents (theft of money, bribery, fraud, etc.) in the workplace.

In 2013 Magda qualified as a polygraph examiner through the American International Institute of Polygraph. Magda is a member of the Polygraph Association of South Africa (PASA) and has been involved in truth verification and lie detection on a full time basis since 2013. Magda also holds a BA Psychology degree through the University of South Africa. 

Magda Weideman
Cell No: 071 676 2855
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