According to the latest Background Screening Index by Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE), South Africa's leading background screening company, one in five job seekers in South Africa have a criminal record, negative credit history, false qualification or fake drivers license.

The Index is based on the findings of 2.3 million checks done by MIE in 2012 and revealed the following in respect of areas that pose the biggest risk to employers:

Criminal record

16% of job seekers posed a risk in terms of previous criminal activity (25% for violent crimes, e.g. assault, child abuse, murder and robbery, 21% for theft, 19% for white collar crime, e.g. bribery, corruption, fraud and forgery, and 10% for drug related crimes).

Credit history

21% of all job seekers posed a risk in relation to aspects concerning honesty and trust.


16% of Curriculum Vitaes submitted by job seekers included false information and claims regarding qualifications.

Drivers license

30% of all drivers' licenses verified by MIE posed a risk and 4% of identification documents could not be verified by MIE.

In respect of the driving of a company vehicle, the verifying of a job seeker's drivers license is a necessity as no insurer will pay a claim where the driver is not licensed. Within the transport industry the following risks are prevalent:

  • Theft of fuel.
  • Theft of spare wheel/tools.
  • Theft of cargo.
  • Transport of unauthorised/illegal cargo.
  • Overloading.
  • Transport of unauthorised passengers.
  • Losses as a result of alleged robbery/criminal activities.

Pre employment screening

Lie detection/truth verification regarding integrity, reliability, substance abuse, criminal conduct and work ethic is determinant in order to ensure profitability and sustainability of any business.

The benefits of effective pre-employment screening of prospective employees to your company or business and your client entail the following:

  • Reduce the risk of appointing an employee not suitable for appointment due to, for instance, past involvement in criminal activity, tendency to criminal behaviour, falsified educational credentials, etc.
  • An expedient and effective appointment process.
  • Improve appointment precision.
  • Minimize incidence and cost of theft, losses, absenteeism or other conduct that may pose a threat to the company or business.
  • Ensure that employees that are appointed do have the necessary skills to perform the tasks associated with their job descriptions.

Specific Crime Incidents

Lie detection/truth verification in respect of specific crime incidents is an expedient, effective and cost effective tool to test personnel integrity in instances where an employee is suspected of being involved in an incident (for instance alleged hi-jacking, theft, etc) or conduct that caused a loss to your company.

The benefits of truth verification/lie detection in respect of a specific crime incident entail the following:

  • The outcome of a polygraph examination assists the employer to take appropriate action in the matter.
  • Should criminal investigation be conducted the finalization of the investigation may be expedited in as far as the investigation may focus on the conduct of employee(s) that indicated deception (i.e. not being truthful regarding his/her involvement in the incident) during the polygraph examination.

Employee Integrity Assurance:

Employment risk assessment is an ongoing process. An Employer also has the right to initiate appropriate action in circumstances that justify suspicion in respect of dishonest behavior or conduct by an employee that is not in accordance with company policy or the law. Regular vetting of personnel (regarding lie detection/truth verification) by means of polygraph testing is an effective, expedient and cost effective tool to ensure personnel integrity. To this end Polygraph Vetting Services has the capability and expertise to investigate conduct of an employee that constitutes a crime or that is not in accordance with company policy.

Forensic psychophysiologist is trained by:

  • Charles Slupski - President of the American polygraph Association
  • Estelle Pretorius - Director American International Institute of Polygraph (SA)

We have members that are formally trained in Interview and Interrogation techniques by:

  • Dr. Micki Pistorius - Renowned Psychologist involved with profiling South Africa's most infamous serial killers
  • Dr. Kobus Jonker - Retired commander of the South African Police Occult unit
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